Branimir Marketing - ZZZ d.o.o.

A company with 19 years of experience in mediation in obtaining documentation, construction and sale of property.
The company's activities include:
    • legal and advisory support in land purchase and construction of solid buildings.
    • sales of land and facilities - Zaton, Privlaka, Nin, etc.
    • field research - spatial animation.
    • preparation of detailed spatial plans.
    • obtaining all necessary legal/technical/spatial planning documentation.
    • construction of solid buildings based on a "turnkey" system.

The company Branimir-Marketing d.o.o. was a mediator in the development of the following projects:

1. Gas station "BRANIMIR 1 - Zaton"
    - realization of the complete technical and legal documentation
2. Detailed plan for Vir coastal area
    - micro-location Radovanjica
3. Detailed plan for Zaton coastal area
4. Arrangement of the Kosirača bay – the island of Ist
5. Detailed plan for Dugi Otok gas station
    - micro-location Zagračina, Božava
6. Spatial plan "Punta zatonska"
    Urban Land Consolidation - re-allocation
    Developing detailed spatial plans for more successful "economic impacts", with absolute respect for the profession and preservation of natural
    resources and with the help of legal / building regulations.
7. Spatial animation "Punta zatonska"
    - landscaping and designing projects in accordance with the rules of the profession, at the micro-location chosen by the investor.
8. Construction of solid buildings

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